Bookman Promotion specialize in promotion products within the segments: bike, visibility and sport. The company is based in Stockholm but have customers all over Europe.

At Bookman Promotion we have long experience of product development and design, especially within LED products and reflective products and most products we market are designed and developed by us. At Bookman Promotion we have chosen to be the best within a narrow field, so here you won’t find a huge catalog of mediocre products, rather a small number of great products that we are sure will surpass your expectations. That way we can promise you the best products, quality and service within our field. And that’s why we have so many returning customers.

We will always deliver products and customization of high quality that always comply with European environment and product safety regulations. With Bookman Promotion as your supplier you can rest assured that the products comply with laws, regulations and applicable standards. Read more about our environmental policies and product safety below.

We are a small but dedicated team passionate about design, product development and creating value for our customers. If you want to say hello or take a closer look at our products, you are always welcome on a cup of coffee at our showroom in Stockholm


David Axelson / CEO & Founder

• Master of Science in Industrial Engineering
and Management, Linköping University
• Chinese studies in Beijing
• Sales, finance

Tireless team player with lazer focus. Brings out the best in everybody.




Victor Kabo / Product developer & Founder

• Master of Science in Industrial Engineering
and Management, Linköping University
• Sales, product development
• Marketing and press

Ironman-athlete who loves innovation and is constantly looking for ways to improve the business.

Helene Persson / Account manager

Energetic and positive social genius
with an incredible drive.


We are striving to contribute to a longterm sustainable society. Therefore we should during our operations spread knowledge to our customers and end users about environmental impact and recycling of our products and minimize environmental impact by choosing the optimal means of transport for our shipments.

All companies who manufacture, import or distribute goods in to the EU must inform their customers of the existence of particularly hazardous substances (SVHC) in articles they sell. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has a list of substances that are particularly hazardous to health and environment. The list is called the candidate list. If a product contains a substance on the candidate list above a certain level, the company shall notify the substance to the ECHA.

Some substances are limited or completely banned in goods. Examples of substances covered by the restrictions are nickel and lead in jewellery and azo dyes in textiles. Information about the substances involved are in Annex XVII of the REACH Regulation.

We ensure that the products you buy from us are compatible with REACH:

– Limited or prohibited substances (Annex XVII of the REACH Regulation) is not used in the products we supply.

– Substances on the candidate list (SVHC) contained in products delivered do not exceed the stated levels and therefore follows the European chemicals legislation.

More information about REACH can be found at http://echa.europa.eu/.

The RoHS directive aims to reduce risks to human health and the environment by replacing and limiting hazardous chemical substances in electrical and electronic equipment. The directive will also improve opportunities for profitable and sustainable recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment. RoHS = Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

All electrical and electronic products supplied to our customers is manufactured in accordance with RoHS.

The CE mark demonstrates that your product meets EU standards for safety, health and environmental protection. EU requirements are the directives for different products or product sector, eg toys, electrical equipment, machinery and personal protective equipment. From 2013, the electrical and electronic equipment should have CE mark to show that the equipment meets the requirements of the RoHS Directive. The CE mark serves as a guarantee to show you as a manufacturer complied with all requirements of RoHS.

The products in our range that is categorized as electrical equipment or personal protective equipment (reflections) meets the requirements for CE (RoHS for electrical equipment and EN13356 for reflectors).

More information can be found here:


When possible we use climate neutral transports that compensate for our carbon emissions by buying carbon credits. Carbon credits are generated by recognized climate protection projects that reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, such as windmill construction in Nicaragua or reforestation in Uganda.


At the moment we have no advertised positions but you are always welcome to send an application if you want to work with us. We will review and keep your application if a position gets available. For Internships you are welcome to send an application to us, especially within digital marketing and sales.

Please always include:
– Name
– Are you seeking Full time or part time?
– Include a resume and cover letter

Send your application to info@bookmanpromotion.com.


Thank you for applying!





On the north side of the city center in Stockholm we have our showroom and office. Don't hesitate to reach out to us to book an appointment or just drop by for a coffee if you are in the area.

You can also get in touch by calling us at our office number below, email, or the contact form. We are here to help!

Ynglingagatan 5
SE-113 47 Stockholm
+46 8 410 680 50