Tic – shirt button repair kit

Tic is an innovative and elegant way to fasten shirt buttons quickly and easily without the hassle of a needle and thread. Garments can used and wash as usual and the product fits all standard shirt buttons. The product contains two plastic parts where one has two sharp pins that is pushed through the fabric and buttonhole. The second part is then place on top and clasped together. The clip is rotated until it is unattached, no needle or thread required. Tic is made in Sweden and is delivered in a neat small box that can be branded to suit the customer’s needs. It is an impressive product that is a great solution for anyone with a shirt.



Product: Tic 4-pack | Tic 2-pack
Art. no.: 152 | 177
Minimum order: 
Contents: 4 x Tic | 2 x Tic
Standard delivery time: 6 weeks
Express delivery: Yes
Colors: black, white, light blue, blue, purple, red
Material: POM plastic
Packaging: Paper box or polybag

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tic® | fastens shirt buttons from Tic Sweden on Vimeo.