Ass Saver – Bicycle mudguards

Innovative product made in Sweden that keeps your butt dry on wet roads. Mudguards are easy installed and has impressive branding possibilities. A unique product! Made in Sweden in 100 % recycleable PP plastic. The perfect gift for bicycle enthusiasts! Available in three models: Ass Saver, Fendor Bendor and Mudder.

Ass Saver – Extended or Original in a foldable version
Fendor Bendor – Large mudguard for complete coverage
Mudder – Front mudguard for MTB


Ass Saver |Fendor Bendor | Mudder
Art. no.: 
342 | 356 | 357
Minsta order quantity: 100 | 100 | 250
Contents: 1 mudguard
Standard delivery time: 4-5 weeks
Express delivery: No
Colors: Black, White, Grey Blue, Yellow, Red, Transparent
MOQ for custom color: 1 000 pcs (14 colors to choose from)
Material: 100 % recyclable PP-plastic


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