Activity Bracelet HHB-115


This Activity Bracelet registers your activity 24 hours a day. It has a comfortable fit, low weight and and a slim design. The bracelet will monitor your sleep during the night and wake you with a silent vibration alarm in the morning. Wireless transfer via Bluetooth or USB. Free app for Apple or Andriod.

Logo branding by engraving on the metal buckle. Features: RTC, Calories, Distance, Step pedometer, Sleep monitor, Sedentary alert, Call alert, Alarm clock, SMS alert, Goal progress, Health Data share, Wrist sense, Camera remote control, Anti-theft.



Product: Activity Bracelet
Art. nr.: 363
Minimum order: 50
Contents: Activity Bracelet, charging cable. manual
Standard delivery time: 3 - 4 weeks
Express delivery: No
Colors: Black, blue, purpul, pink and turquoise
Minimum for custom color:  1 000
Material: Armband in TPE rubber 
Packaging: Paper packaging